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CFO Roundtable

Positive Leadership for a Happier YOU!

Thank you to our wonderful partners!

We educate, empower and connect Tampa Bay nonprofits.

The nonprofits we educate are changing lives and our community. It is our job to help them serve more people, provide more meals, save more animals, educate more children, help more people find their way, see more patients, keep more families together, make more people feel safe, and advocate for a better community for all of us. We take that responsibility seriously. By educating, empowering, and connecting Tampa Bay nonprofits we help organizations grow stronger so they can deliver better results.

Nonprofit Leadership Center provides high caliber training at an affordable price; skill development to tackle real world challenges; learning from sector leaders, experts and peers; and training solutions to meet individual needs. 


Here's a quick video lesson by an NLC staff member or trainer addressing a specific question or challenge unique to nonprofit organizations. Check back often for a new CRASH COURSE.

To submit a question or suggest a topic for a CRASH COURSE, email 

CRASH COURSE: User-Generated Content for Nonprofit Social Media

If you just can't wait for us to post a new CRASH COURSE video, visit our YouTube channel.

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